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Visit our patient service center in New Port Richey. No appointment neccesary. We have experienced phlebotomist and clean facilities…

Affordable Healthcare

We are a low cost medical laboratory solution for patients without insurance…

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We are your partners in healthcare with everything you need in one place…

Mobile Phlebotomy Services

Changing the tide against the pandemic starts with staying at home. No need to go to a crowded place to get your labwork, we come to you. To prevent the spread of the virus we take all the necessary precautions including disposable PPE. click on image to find out more

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Laboratories are a major game changer in the fight against a pandemic, by providing accurate and quick results.

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Highlighted Testing

In the evergchanging arena of healthcare there is new testing coming to the market and we would like to lead the pack in offerring them.

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Looking for quality blood testing services in Pasco County at an affordable price?

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New General Health Panel!

Providers we can build customized profiles for test that you customarily order together…

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Automated Microbiology from Beckman Coulter

We are happy to announce that we will be performing Microbiology culturing in-house. That means faster turn around time for your cultures. Expected to come online 4th quarter of 2020…

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A Provider for Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Mainstream Diagnostic Lab is now aceepting Blue Cross and Blue Sheild, including FL Blue, and Medicare Advantage Plans…

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